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Speeding Tickets.


What’s the first thing you think when you read those two little words? If you’re like most people, then chances are that you just spewed some un-printable phrases or hurled something at the nearest wall.

Now, we all have bad experiences with speeding tickets. No matter how safely you drive, sometimes you just need to speed to get somewhere fast, whether you’ve got a real emergency or if you’re just running late…

Or maybe you didn’t notice that the speed limit was a little lower than in most neighborhoods, and you got busted. Maybe you were spacing out, enjoying the view, and just lost sight of your speedometer for a few seconds.

Maybe you weren’t even speeding, and got busted by a cop who needed to meet his monthly quota. Regardless of your specific circumstances, what do you remember feeling when you got stuck with the ticket?

Do you remember thinking “Well, I was speeding, so I deserve to pay this fine and accept the consequences of my actions”? Probably not. The fact is, unless you’re a chronic speeder who neglects the law and the safety of others, you didn’t deserve the hefty fine that you were forced to pay.

You probably thought “I’m a law-abiding, decent member of society who had the need to go exceed the limit for just a few minutes or made a silly mistake.

Money is too tight for me to pay so egregiously for my small offense!” If you’re one of these people, then I have great news! When you get caught speeding, the legal system will tell you to pay up.

They will tell you that these fines are necessary in order to keep roads safe, and that you must contribute to the system. There’s no way around it, and there’s no way to argue your case. If you were speeding, then that’s it.

Cough it up. I’m here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case! I have developed a system that allows hardworking, law-abiding citizens such as yourself to avoid paying those nasty tickets, even if you were guilty!

What’s more, it won’t cost you a penny outside of the cost of this blog.

No lawyers, no clinics, no services that end up being just as pricey as your ticket (after all, the idea is to save money!) “How is this possible?” you may ask. Well, it’s simple. There are quite a number of trial-tested, proven-effective legal arguments that can greatly increase your chances of getting out of that ticket.

You’ve never heard of it because it’s in the best interest of the court system, the cities, the police officers, and the lawyers to keep it a total secret. After all, they rely on you paying your ticket as a huge source of revenue! That’s just not fair. Sure, the law should be in effect to protect people, but when other people can make money off of your mistakes, then there’s just no way to trust the integrity of the system. I’ve done my share of speeding. I’m not one of those jerks who drive around in their cars, looking to blast away the speed limit whenever I get behind the wheel.

All of my tickets resulted from me being very unlucky. I was speeding away from crowded areas, wasn’t endangering anyone, and had very good reasons to speed. If the system is fair, I figured, then I should be able to explain my circumstances to the court. They will let me go.

But, after a few tickets, I learned that they aren’t interested in fairness. They are interested in money, and with so many people profiting from your hard-earned dollars through fines, there’s just no way you can get them to be sympathetic.

You just have to beat them. So I spent all of my energy researching the best possible ways to beat this demon for months. This blog is my results, and my labor of love. You may be surprised how easy it is to get your case dismissed. I certainly was, and I regret blindly paying  those tickets! In this blog, I’ll share with you some of the things I’ve learned related to speeding.

I’ll explain how the system works (which may infuriate you to learn!), why it’s worth beating, and how to beat it. I’ll share some strategies to avoid being pulled over in the first place. Then, I’ll share my system. It’s based entirely on sound legal reasoning, research, evidence, and applicable case law.

Nothing illegal, nothing shady, and nothing that costs even a penny! This blog will arm you with peace of mind when you drive. Imagine how much more relaxed you’ll feel if you aren’t always checking your rear-view mirror for police officers?

You’ll be secure in the knowledge that, if you get pulled over, you won’t have to pull out your hair in frustration. Instead, you can simply beat the ticket, with no points on your license or driving/traffic school requirements. You can simply walk into the courtroom and walk out with your record and your wallet intact. Speeding tickets are a reality for almost everyone, but they sure don’t have to be.

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Think about what you know regarding speeding tickets.

When was the first time that you ever heard of them?

Maybe you were in your car with your parents when they got pulled over.

Maybe you were taught them in kindergarten or in grade school.

Maybe a local friendly police officer came to your school to deliver a lecture about not speeding.

What do you remember learning? SPEEDING IS BAD!

Now, try and remember back to those days right before you got your license.

Do you remember going through a Driver’s Ed class from your high school?

Did you take a class from a local DMV or read a manual?

What did they tell you? SPEEDING IS BAD!

Think about the last time you received a speeding ticket.

Did the officer lecture you?

Did the judge scold you?

Did the insurance company raise your rates? What information does this reinforce? SPEEDING IS BAD!

We are conditioned to think that speeding is unlawful and unethical from a very early age, and this knowledge is constantly reinforced throughout our lives.

Two questions immediately come to mind:

1. Is speeding actually bad?

2. Why are we conditioned to think this way?

In regards to the first question, the honest answer is yes and no. Obviously, driving at a higher speed increases your chances of suffering a fatal injury if you collide with another car or a roadside object.

Faster vehicles are harder to control and take longer to come to a halt in case something suddenly jumps in front of you. Generally, the faster you drive, the more dangerous driving is.

Obviously, this is not something that I advocate. Driving at an unsafe speed is pointless, only saves you a few minutes of time, and can endanger the lives of other drivers.

But we need to consider the terminology here. Let’s say that driving in a way that increases the danger level of the driver and other drivers is unsafe driving.

But is speeding always unsafe driving? Speeding is defined as exceeding the posted speed limit, not being unsafe.

Is the speed limit always the best indicator of what speeds are safe? Absolutely Not!

If you drive 45 mph on an empty road where the speed limit is 30 mph, are you driving unsafely?

The chances are that you aren’t.

So, when you see those red and blue lights come on behind you, you will end up feeling picked-on and ripped off.

So, unsafe driving is certainly bad, but if speeding doesn’t consist of unsafe driving, then it’s harmless. Still, we were conditioned from a very early age to think that all speeding is bad.


The answer is very complicated and hard to pin down. On one hand, ingrained knowledge of the possible consequences of unsafe driving can save lives and reduce property damage.

You can’t really argue with that.

On the other hand, however, this ingrained knowledge can be used against you to justify charging you with outrageous speeding fines and penalties that are then used to fund private companies, city governments, and lawyers’ extravagant lifestyles! Because you’ve had the idea that speeding is bad hammered into your head year after year, you won’t think twice about writing that check.

But maybe you should! Are you aware of how many other people benefit from your cost?

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