Beat A Speeding Ticket

The Rules of the Game: Beat that Speeding Ticket Paperback

A former police officer takes you through a step by step explanation of how the most commonly used Police Radar devices operate and explains the most prevalent flaws in their use. In addition, he discusses the training requirements for radar operators, factors that influence their ability to identify speeders, and other issues that can be used as a defense strategy in court.

The author gives very easy to follow examples of questions that can be asked during a trial as well as general strategies that can lead to a more successful outcome to an encounter with law enforcement both before and after the actual traffic stop.

The reader is given an inside look at what police officers know and the public does not. He demystifies the enforcement of speeding violations and illustrates the ease at which a case can be won with just a little bit of knowledge and the right questions


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Beat a Speeding Ticket