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Help speeding ticket victims have their day in court and WIN! Professional sales letter with serious conversions. How to beat a speeding ticket in court! ... Discover a Remarkably Simple and Proven Speeding Ticket Defense Strategy to Legally Beat Your Case

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1. We use Clickbank.com to handle all of our sales and payouts.

Clickbank is a large company that provides billing for over 11,000 products and services.

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Our most recommended search engines to sign up with are:

Google Adwords

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Keyword Tools

Great starting point is Google's tool

ROI Tracking



  • Google adwords code (adwords specific - see instructions in Adwords account)

  • Google Analytics

Paid but great

Video Marketing Resources


Just add this code to your site:

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Email Marketing


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Pay-As-You-Go Newsletters and Email



You are responsible for software you download off the web. Not us. This is a list of what we use.



Other Traffic Generating Methods

Newspaper Ads

Advertising in newspapers is also a good way of making a whole set of extra cash. Visit the website http://www.nationwideadvertising.com. You can scroll through the list of papers available for you to advertise in. Advertising rates start at $10 and go up to $100+. You can start small. You can start advertising in one or two papers, and when the money starts coming in, you can expand. You should try to find a paper with a good circulation. If you are advertising our website place the ads in the Employment, Business Opportunity or Jobs section. Try to run the same ad in the same paper for at least 3-4 weeks and not in a different paper each week. This builds trust and the sales should definitely start pouring in after the first couple weeks.

10 Reasons to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

You can choose products from affiliate networks like Clickbank or Commission Junction and start selling. But why only affiliate marketing to make money online. Well! I have 10 reasons to justify that affiliate marketing is the best way to earn online.

1. Zero Investment

First reason is that affiliate marketing is free to get started. You do not have to spend even a single dollar. You can register yourself for affiliate networks like Clickbank or Commission Junction. Choose a product and start promoting it through a free blog from Blogger or WordPress. Everything is free to begin.

2. Zero Experience

No prior experience is required for selling affiliate products to online customers. You can sell, just blogging casually. So in a nutshell I mean affiliate marketing is no MLM or multi level marketing. In just few weeks you can start making money. Even a no brainer can be successful here.

3. Zero Employees

As I said earlier, affiliate marketing is free to get started. I want to stretch upon this point. Zero investment means you do not need to hire or recruit any employees. You do not bother to hire employees hence there is no need to pay them. You keep all your profits because there is no one to share.

4. No Office

Similarly you do not need office space also. Forget about paying for furniture or stationery. You save a lot of money as you do not have to buy office space. Moreover, you are your own boss. You decide your working hours. You can work any time according to your convenient choice. Give more time to your family and friends as you save a lot of time from commuting daily.

5. Only eProducts

Now the point is about what type of product you will be selling to your customers. Well! The customers are online to find solutions for their problem. You offer them solutions through your products. So products are basically eBooks and other downloadable software. Customers can download eBooks and other software in few minutes. Hence products are only eBooks and other software.

6. No Shipping

The main advantage of eProduct is that you do not have to ship them to your customer창€™s home. Because eBooks and software are not physical products, hence there is no risk of losing or misplacing. So you do not have to bother or worry about shipment or delivery. Customers can download and start using products in few minutes.

7. Make Money While You Sleep

Any affiliate marketing program is like an autopilot software program. Once you have created a business model you can replicate it and earn lot of money. The system or program work day and night even when you are sleeping.

8. Global Marketplace

You get a global exposure for your products because you sell them on the Internet therefore customers are not restricted to any particular country. Your audience is global and products should reach out to people from all walks of life. So you can sell products to various types of customers.

9. Zero Risk

In beginning as I told you that affiliate marketing is free to get started, hence no risk is involved. You do not have to invest any capital. If you are not doing well as an affiliate marketer you can leave it and start something else. In fact you will never lose even a penny because you really never invested any money. So it is a risk free business which is very rare because every business involves some kind of risk.

10. Unlimited Revenue Potential

The last reason to make money with affiliate marketing would be unlimited revenue potential. There is no limit in making money through affiliate marketing. You make $100 per month to even $100,000 per month. It is up to you how well you promote your products and reach out to customers.

In fact Clickbank has paid over 2 billion dollars in cash to various affiliate marketers.


Finally I would conclude by saying affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.



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 Have just added a sell up option from $9.95 with an up-sell to $19.95 

Total Commission 75% of $29.90 per sale


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